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Staged to Sell! 5 Tips to Create a Space Buyers Love

A person’s home is their castle. However, when they are looking to sell their castle to a new owner it is important the property appeals to customers. Staging a home to create a sense of light, space and comfort will help people see it’s potential. Here are five tips to help you and the sellers create a space buyers will love.

Create a No Clutter Zone

If you want to make a room feel open, you need to make sure it is free of clutter. This includes:

  • Removing extra furniture, tables and knickknacks from the living room
  • Cleaning out the closets in all rooms
  • No junk rooms. If a room is reserved for storage clear it out and repurpose it
  • Make sure the garage is clear enough that people can see fitting their vehicle in it.

Set the Stage

You want to create scenes in homes so that every room has a clear purpose. You can do this by:

  • Creating conversational furniture groupings in the living and family rooms
  • If there is a family room, you may also want to set out board games
  • Set the dining room table
  • In the summer outdoor staging works also

Finish Repairs

If the sellers are in the midst of DIY projects wait to show the home until after they are completed. Spot touch ups are also recommended:

  • Make sure all the cabinets have matching nobs
  • Trim is painted
  • Holes are patched and painted
  • Stain old cabinets to make them look new

Stage Lighting

Most rooms aren’t properly lighted. When you are preparing a home for sale, you will want to make sure that there are 100 watts of light per square foot. You should have more than one type of lighting in every room: Ambient, task, and accent.

  • Add a few lamps to create pools of light
  • Candles are an excellent accent in a dining room
  • Under cabinet lighting is a fantastic touch in the kitchen
  • Add new bulbs in overhead lights

Accents Matter

Even the best looking rooms can use accents. Moreover, you can find unique ways to make a room catch the eye and take the buyer’s breath away. This can be accomplished by:

  • Use mismatch furniture in the living and dining room. Mixing colors and fabrics are also a good touch
  • Add candles, towels and baskets in a bathroom
  • Add flowers, branches, ferns and leaves to a home to bring in nature and beauty
  • Create a unified group of 3 for table accents
  • Vary patterns and groups for wall hangings

Making a home universally appealing will improve the ability for people to imagine themselves in the house. Bring your creativity to bear and think outside the box when staging homes and you will make your sellers and future buyers happy. If you are looking for additional tips on staging or other real estate career advice, you can turn to TempsPlus. We help real estate agents maximize their career potential with training, job placement and resources. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.



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