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Boss or Leader? Which Style is Right for You?

In recent years, the word boss has become a negative word. Servant leadership is a new company buzzword, creating a kinder, gentler management. Those who are looking at becoming a vice president or CEO, they think more about being a boss then they do be a leader. Are you confused by these two topics? Well, here are some ideas between being a boss and a leader to help you figure out the best style for you.

What is a Boss?

A boss is a title with a clear job description and area of authority. Bosses focus on end results, delegate responsibility and give commands to make sure deadlines are met.

Some bosses tend to bark orders, use intimidation and deliver public reprimands in order to get the job done. But bosses don’t have to turn to negativity to make employees stay on task. They can use encouragement, scold less and respect their employees. When they encourage those under their command to complete tasks using positive methods they exhibit the traits of a leader.

What is a Leader?

The recognized distinction between a boss and a leader is that a boss is a title and a leader is a way of life. You can be made a boss but leaders are born exhibiting certain characteristics. A leader rolls up their sleeves and work beside their employees to get the job done. They feel that the success of a project is the result of team effort. If a project fails to meet expectations the leader shoulders the responsibility.

Leaders listen to and value the opinions of those around them and make decisions a group effort. Leaders offer their knowledge freely and are proud when employees succeed.

Can a Boss be a Leader?

A manager can be a boss but still show the characteristics of a leader. Both types of management worry about meeting goals, it is their approach to dealing with employees that makes a difference. If you are the type of person who delegates and is willing to apply pressure to make sure jobs are done then you are a boss. If you like to take part in the day to day activities and like to help others succeed then you may be a leader. Or you can take the best of both styles and create your own management process.

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