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5 Resume Tips for Newly Licensed Real Estate Agents

You just obtained your real estate licensed and you’re eager to find your first job. But how do you create a resume if you don’t have previous experience? And how do you design your resume so that it appeals to employers in the real estate field? If you are new to real estate, you will want to follow these five tips to land your first position:

Be Conservative

You may see advice on resume websites that say you should be creative when formatting your resume. This may work in other fields but it’s not recommended in real estate. Keep your format conservative and professional to attract the right attention.

No Photo or Personal Data

A photo is not necessary to include on a resume. Let your experiences and successes speak for themselves.  And unless they specifically relate to the position, personal hobbies are better kept for small talk after you have gotten the job. Stick to the relevant facts and only list education history, previous employment and skills for a real estate resume.

Use Bullets

Employers have a lot on their plate and don’t have time to read large blocks of text. They typically skim your resume to see if you have the necessary qualifications. Make your strengths stand out by useing bullets when formatting your resume. Employers will be able to take in all of your qualifications at a glance.

Use Key Words

There are certain industry buzzwords that employers look for when searching for real estate agents. If you want to strike the right tone with a potential employer try to include these words in your resume:

  • Certifications
  • Licenses
  • Association
  • Appraised
  • Managed
  • Reviewed

Even if you don’t have the experience they are looking for employers may consider you for a position if you have the right skills or traits.

Related Experience

Don’t let the fact that you have don’t have real estate sales experience intimidate you when crafting your resume. If you have any related experience, such as sales or sales support, you can highlight it in your CV to show you have the right background to do the job. Show how each of your previous positions provided you with experience that will help you in your real estate career to put your skills in the best light.

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