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5 Reasons Temporary Agents Increase Builder Sales

If you are a builder or developer, you need to have an ongoing relationship with real estate agents. Finding the right new home sales agents can often be a long and complicated process. Staffing services is an effective alternative to trying to locate well-trained licensed agents on your own. In fact, here are five reasons temporary agents can help increase builder sales.

Your Way. Your Experts.

Contract staffing is an excellent way to find agents who focus on your features. Without the need to learn the details of several communities scattered across town, temporary agents can become experts on the benefits of your model homes and increase the chance of a sale.


Temporary agents who work for you understand how hard you worked to generate your leads and are committed to preserving each and every one. They will focus on selling your properties and only your properties so that you can guarantee your leads are happy with the sales experience.

Ongoing Training

One important aspect of workforce management is teaching. It is important that employees are trained when they are hired and they receive continuous training. A temporary staffing agency trains their hires and is responsible for ongoing training. This way you know your temporary agents are at the top of their game.

Contingent Staffing

Real estate sales are seasonal, and there are times when you will need more agents to help move completed units. When you work with a company that offers licensed and trained temporary agents, you have a pool of ready hosts on hand. That includes emergencies or if you need additional staff for a sales promotion.

Skill Matching

Your company’s brand requires a particular style and type of presentation that preserves the reputation of your company. Branding necessitates individual skill sets or personalities to help leverage the benefits of your units. Staffing agencies can help find agents that have the skills and styles that you require without the ego that can get in the way.

Not all temporary staffing companies focus on real estate staff. Temps Plus specializes in providing experienced and trained temporary agents to help builders achieve their sales goals. We can help you find top-quality real-estate agents that will work exclusively with your company, have the skills you are looking for and receive ongoing training. Contact us to learn how our temporary agents can help increase your sales.



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