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Critical Reasons You Should be Using a Staffing Firm

When you are running a business you want to focus on your company’s strengths. Processes and tasks that take away from this focus can be a strain on your resources and profits. When you can have someone else handle these processes you are able to leverage your resources and receive a better return on your investment. There are five critical reasons you should be using a staffing firm: back end processes, work flow, hiring practices, HR, and employee growth and satisfaction.

Back End Processes

Office support and clerical services are often needed to augment your company. Yet not all companies have the facilities, resources or capabilities to hire, train and maintain back office personnel. Contract staffing agencies often specialize in offering clerical services in addition to hiring and training personnel. This will allow you to focus on creating new products and services while the temporary employees take care of the clerical and support side of the business.

Workflow Management

Employees go on vacation, get sick or have family emergencies that require they take leave. There are times when you only have twelve hours or even less to find replacement personnel. A workforce management company can help you with a ready supply of qualified people to make sure that your company is up and running at full force.

Hiring Practices

It takes a lot of time to find and train the right candidates for a position. You need to advertise, interview and then select candidates that you think are a good fit. Contingent staffing companies specialize in hiring qualified candidates and they have processes in place to help make sure that a candidate’s skill sets fit your company’s open positions.

HR Management

Human resource management is always revolving. The legal aspects, paperwork, and responsibilities vary from state to state and you have federal aspects to consider as well.  Staffing firms often offer human resource processes as a part of their service offerings. This way you know that your HR department is operating smoothly.

Employee Growth and Satisfaction

Employees are more likely to stay with your organization if they feel they are valued. Offering training, cross-training, and continuing education opportunities will show your workers you want them to grow and succeed in their career. Contract staffing firms offer training for their temporary employees but they will also offer training for the employees of their clients.

Running a company doesn’t have to mean controlling all aspects of a business. Sometimes it is more cost effective to subcontract certain backend processes to a staffing firm. If you need assistance with workflow management, hiring, HR, training or office support contact us. We can tell you all of the real estate services that Temps Plus has to offer in order to leverage your business.



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