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Real Estate Agents Mix the Old and the New

Consumers research and purchase items on the Internet – and that includes real estate. With over 90% of homebuyers searching for their next home online, real estate agents need to utilize new technology and tactics to market themselves and the homes they sell. But don’t neglect traditional advertising methods that still work. Combining the old and the new is the way successful agents promote the homes they sell.

Online Marketing

New home developments and sales agents can benefit from having an online presence to communicate with buyers and sellers, enhance their credibility and showcase their communities.

Adding a virtual tour to your website allows consumers to take a look at your new model homes before visiting. Virtual tours are excellent for those who are relocating, but local buyers also like to see if a new home design may be a good fit for them before scheduling an appointment. As much as you may try to keep your model homes open at convenient times for buyers, the Internet is available 24/7. Make the most of your online marketing to attract home buyers to your location.

Content Marketing

All good business websites include blogs. For a real estate website, blog content includes information about the area, home buying or selling tips, and home improvement projects that will increase the value of the property. Even when you are selling new homes, providing information about improving and selling existing homes can help your potential buyers get the most value from the home they are selling and have more to put into their new home purchase.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all excellent sites to communicate with people in the area and help relay property information Making yourself the go-to the authority for real estate in the area will encourage people to come to you when they are looking to buy or sell a home.


Signage is still the best way to find a potential home buyer. You improve your reputation, generate advertising for the development, and leverage the location of the homes to generate interest. Really, the more signage the better. When you are competing for buyer attention, you want to be the most compelling voice.


Be sure to know your targeted demographic. Posting an advertisement in the local papers and real estate mailers can help those who aren’t tech savvy find your listing. Some people use a combination of online and offline research to look for their next property, and you want to make sure the homes you represent are easy to find by everyone.

When you combine Internet and traditional real estate marketing strategies, you leverage your advertising budget and expand your reach across additional marketing channels. If you need tips on how to promote yourself, you can contact TempsPlus. We can help you with job training, placement and marketing techniques. Contact us to find out how we can help you improve your real estate career.



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