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3 Reasons Why Temporary Work in New Home Sales Can Benefit Your Real Estate Career

If you are a licensed resale real estate agent at the end of peak season, without a house to sell….Listen Up!  Rather than letting that gap between finances and job experiences on your resume increase, finding a temporary position in New Home Sales may be the right thing for you.

Here are 3 hidden benefits of having temporary work through a New Home Sales Staffing Agency:

  1. Temporary Work with a New Home Builder Can Become Long Term – If you show up to an assignment with a positive personality and outstanding work ethic, you may catch the attention of a New Home Builder.  Treating every day as an interview can land you a permanent job with a New Home Builder.  Many times New Home Builders look to established Staffing Companies for new talent.  Likewise, established Real Estate Agents look at Real Estate Staffing Companies to try out the different New Home Builders and what Corporate Culture they want to explore.
  2. Develop New Skills – Temporary work can introduce you to New Home Sales positions outside of your present Resale field.  This can either be an easy transition into a new career or simply give you a new set of skills that will look great on your resume.  Even if you decide to stay in Resale, a new company and a new environment can help you expand on your current skills.
  3. Make Connections – The New Home Sales arena is a small industry.  Putting your best foot forward in all of your temporary assignments, makes a good impression and allows you to build relationships with some of the most reputable Sales Agents in the industry.  You never know when the President of the company may walk through the doors and like you…or when a Sales Agent is looking for a new addition to his/her team.

While temporary work may not seem appealing to a real estate agent in a slump, it has many benefits that are not always recognized.  The next time you’re in a cash flow crunch or looking for a new home sales opportunity, consider working for a New Home Builder Staffing Agency to further your career.

For more information about beginning a career in New Home Sales, contact TempsPlus at 888.288.0808 and ask for the recruiting department or send an email to recruiting@tempsplus.com.



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