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5 Advantages for New Home Builders to Hire Temporary Agents through a Real Estate Staffing Company

If your New Home Builder has been considering hiring a temporary Licensed Real Estate Agent to host communities, here are 5 benefits to see if a staffing company is a good fit for you.

No More Waiting: If you have an Agent who is planning a longer vacation or is taking a leave of absence, you no longer have to work out coverage details.  All you have to do is a make a phone call to your staffing agency, and they can have someone for you same day or next.  Your Builder won’t have to slow down if an important member of your workforce is gone, you can hire a temporary Agent who can pick up the slack of your other employees easily and effectively.

No Pressure to Commit: If you are thinking about hiring someone new, you can rest easy by calling a staffing agency.  You can see if a potential employee is a good fit before you make a major hiring decision.  If he/she is a good fit, you can hire them full-time or just have them work through the staffing agency, so your Builder doesn’t have any extra liabilities or expenses.  A lot of New Home Builders utilize Real Estate Staffing Companies to test drive potential employees without the ‘headaches of’ or ‘promises to’ employees that aren’t a good fit with the Corporate Culture

Save Your Money: Typically, for short-term projects, hiring a Real Estate Staffing Company is a lot cheaper than bringing on an employee!  This is especially important if you only need an extra New Home Sales Agent for a certain busy season or a large project, you can hire a temporary Agent when they are needed and its convenient for the Builder.  When the project is over, you can cancel the temporary Agent and have more money in the bank for the Builder.

Great for Specific Projects: If your builder has a one-time project that requires special skills that your current employees aren’t capable of or don’t have the time to address, hiring a temporary Agent can be a huge help!  (Think Grand Openings, folding brochures, entering CRM, hosting Model homes, etc.)  If your Builder is trying something out and doesn’t want to hire an expertly skilled person full time, they can hire a temporary Agent through a Real Estate Staffing Company, as many of them have special skills.

The Possibilities Are Endless: Even if you had full intentions of just needing a specific project done with the Staffing Company, some temporary Agents will surprise your Builder with their dedication and capability.  In this situation, your Builder can end up with a great full time employee, that you didn’t know you needed.  There is so much potential with temporary Agents, that you could end up with a wonderful addition to your team, even if you weren’t expecting it.

Give Real Estate Staffing Companies another thought, and reap the benefits!

Contact TempsPlus, Inc. today to find your right fit today at 888.288.0808 or email joborders@tempsplus.com.



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