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Maximizing LinkedIn for Your Career in 2017


Many people have seen LinkedIn as an online profile for your resume and haven’t done much with it at all.  Some people that we have seen don’t even have a professional photo on their profile, while others don’t even have a profile set up.  If there is one bit of advice that we can give you for 2017, it would be to get set up on LinkedIn, start learning the platform, and engaging with others in your niche.

If you are really serious about getting into the New Home Industry or make a change in your New Home Sales career, you need to look at LinkedIn from a different angle.  You need to picture it as a networking platform, just like a live event, such as a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Take a professional headshot, if you don’t already have one and update your photo on LinkedIn.  Upload your information from your resume onto your profile.  Write a concise summary of your career and what you are looking to accomplish.  Be creative with your title. If you work for TempsPlus, you may want to use New Home Sales Assistant.

Start connecting with Influencers in the Real Estate Industry.  Start looking up the Builders that you may want to work for and follow the Builder LinkedIn page.  By following the builder, you will see their posts in your timeline and will find out what is happening with that Builder.  Then, when you work an assignment at that Builder, you will have more industry insight for that Builder.



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