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New Home Sales Pro Finds Work-Life Balance with Smart Staffing Solutions

New home sales pro Carolyn Jones got to know Smart Staffing Solutions on the client side of the business long before she partnered with the company as an employee. Having worked in new home sales for more than 15-years, Carolyn gained firsthand experience relying on temp agencies to provide support staff in times of need.

“As a new home sales agent, I had the opportunity to use Temps Plus (Smart Staffing Solutions) on several occasions. Out of all the temping agencies, I found their people to be the most professional,” recalls Carolyn.

Like many golden-agers, Carolyn came to a point where she was interested in working fewer hours, but didn’t want to go into full-scale retirement. That’s when she began working with Smart Staffing Solutions.

According to Carolyn, “At my age, I have no desire to be a full-time agent. Smart Staffing Solutions is wonderful and they do their best to accommodate me with hours.”

Carolyn is an easy employee to keep busy. Since she began temping in 2008, her vast new home sales experience, dependability and good nature have made her one of the most requested model home hosts at the company.



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