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How to Attract Millennials to the Home Building Industry

Millennials currently make up the largest percentage of the U.S. workforce.  With the building industry in need of 650,000 employees to meet demand in 2022, it is essential to attract this age group to the trade.

The makeup of the current workforce in the industry is another reason it is important to appeal to workers between the ages of 25 and 40. The average age of building industry employees in 2022 is just over 42. But, millennials are expected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, and it will be integral to add them to building jobs.

There are several things that Millennials look for when searching for their ideal employer. Implementing these ideas into your business can help attract younger generations to building jobs.

Social Outreach

Millennials find social outreach, community involvement, and charitable causes to be extremely imperative in their lives and in their work. According to a survey by Glassdoor, 64% of millennials say it’s a priority to make the world a better place. Highlighting any efforts made by your company in the hiring process can greatly affect their decision to accept a job.

If this is an area your company needs to increase exposure, there are several ways to get involved on both a local and national level.

  • Sponsor a local charity event
  • Fundraise for a cause
  • Coordinate volunteer opportunities for your employees
  • Collect donations for a local organization or school drive
  • Survey employees to find a cause important to them and offer support
  • Make eco-friendly improvements to your offices

It doesn’t have to be a large chunk of the budget, but showing your company is striving to make social outreach efforts can go a long way with the millennial generation.

Career Advancement and Mentorship

Millennials also value their opportunity for promotions, mentorship, and continued learning in their job. Feeling confident and supported that there is possibility for advancement and tools to help them get there is meaningful in both hiring and retaining employees from this generation. Here are some interesting statistics:

  • Nearly 87% of millennials surveyed by Gallup say training and career development are something they look for in a potential employer. However, the methods should be current, like using e-learning. Old-school professional development tools probably won’t impress their generation.
  • Having a defined career path and opportunities for advancement are both very important to millennials. According to a study by Monster, 72% find this a meaningful quality for a potential employer.

Overall, millennials want a collaborative work environment where they feel supported and have access to continued learning on the job. They also appreciate having something to work towards and so you should be clear about opportunities for advancement in recruiting.


The millennial generation is one of the most reliant on technology, and they expect their employer to be up to speed on the most current innovations. In the recruiting and interviewing process you should highlight technology and innovation. Items might include:

  • Apps your business uses
  • The use of innovative building materials
  • How often you make system updates
  • Technology provided to do their job (computers, phones, tablets, etc.)

Advanced technology isn’t something that can be achieved quickly if it is an area your company is lacking. But, highlighting what strides you are making toward technology improvements, even if they are planned for the future, will be crucial for millennials to hear about during their job search.

With the lightning speed that millennials are becoming the majority in the workforce, it is essential to think about what steps you can take to attract them to your company and the building industry.


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