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Adjusting to the Post-COVID Construction Industry

To say that the coronavirus pandemic changed the construction industry would be a gross understatement. Truth be told, COVID-19 and its repercussions permanently reshaped the commercial construction and homebuilding industry, as well as new home sales, human resources, and people management in general.

To adapt to the post-COVID construction industry, businesses like yours must rethink their staffing and recruiting tactics. Additionally, you must adopt new approaches to core business processes so that you can optimize your competitiveness in this ever-changing industry.

While there are many ways that your organization can adjust to the post-COVID construction space, we recommend that you focus on these key solutions:

Adopting the Right Technology

Adopting the right technology can help your business push forward into the post-COVID construction industry. You can leverage project and organizational management technologies to:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Streamline the client experience
  • Facilitate collaboration among employees
  • Identify organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Capitalize on cost-saving opportunities

Technology that’s purpose-built for businesses in the construction sector can also enhance organizational oversight and transparency. It can play a key role in increasing your overall competitiveness and helping you work more efficiently.

When searching for investment opportunities, you should prioritize solutions that facilitate cloud-based data sharing and virtual project coordination. These solutions will offer a strong return on investment and can make a meaningful impact on your business in short order.

Embracing the Digital Workspace

At the height of the pandemic, organizations across the globe adopted either fully remote or hybrid business models. While a fully remote business model is not practical for a construction company, a hybrid one can be.

Even as society has largely returned to normal, employees are still clamoring for remote work opportunities. In order to meet employee expectations, your company should embrace the digital work model.

Providing your staff with remote work opportunities is far simpler than you might expect. Employees who do not have hands-on responsibilities should be able to attend meetings and collaborate remotely.

Adopting a hybrid business management model can increase employee efficiency and boost morale. Investing in remote collaboration tools like Slack, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams can also encourage collaboration and help your staff get more work done seamlessly.

Procuring the Right Talent

No matter how integral technology becomes to the construction industry, talent will always be front and center in terms of importance. If construction companies cannot fill key positions with talented, skilled professionals, all of the software in the world will not help them thrive.

However, talent acquisition has been a major hurdle for homebuilding and new home sales companies since the start of the pandemic almost three years ago. This has left many organizational leaders on the search for a better way to source talent.

If you find yourself in the same predicament, there’s a way to overcome the challenges of recruiting and staffing your business. Partner with Smart Staffing Solutions and let us be your talent funnel.

Request talent today so we can connect you with skilled, fully trained professionals who are ready to join your team.



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