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5 Common Questions to Be Prepared for as a New Home Builder

New home sales and homebuilding are exciting industries to be in. Home builders construct their clients’ homes, allowing them to pick the features they want and turn them into reality. However, the process may start slowly. Most people are new to the homebuilding process and aren’t sure exactly what to expect.

Here are a few typical questions you’ll hear from new customers.

1. Have You Been Building Homes for a Long Time?

Understandably, customers want to know that their builder has experience. Clients are investing a lot of money in their new homes, and they don’t want to end up with a house that has problems or doesn’t meet their expectations.

Even if your company is new to building homes, you likely have experience in the construction industry. Prepare a portfolio of projects you’ve worked on and homes you’ve built. The more examples you have to show off, the better. Clients want to feel that such an important project is in capable hands.

2. Will You Be Available to Make Repairs if Something Doesn’t Work or Breaks?

All homes come with a warranty period, during which customers can identify anything that isn’t working correctly and have it fixed by the builder. Be ready to reassure clients that your company won’t leave them in the lurch if they find issues in the home.

Explain how your company’s warranty works, how long it stays in effect, and how quickly they can expect you to address problems in the house.

3. How Long Will It Take to Build My Home?

Building a home depends on many factors, including the size and intricacy of the home, available workers, weather, and supplies. You’ll want to carefully consider all of the elements of building the home before providing a time estimate for completion.

When making an estimate, explain how the different factors can extend build time. When your customers fully understand the situation, they’re less likely to be unhappy if there are delays in the project.

4. How Much Will It Cost to Build My Dream Home?

New home builders know that building a home involves considerable expenses that can quickly grow as the project gets underway. Most builders begin with base pricing for the home and lots and then explain that costs may increase with any design or feature changes. They also clarify that what customers see in a model home is not what may come standard in a spec home.

Explain your pricing strategy thoroughly so that your clients don’t experience unwanted sticker shock.

5. How Do I Pick Materials for My Home?

New construction homes can reflect a client’s tastes and preferences. You’ll want to offer many options that customers can choose from to make their homes feel like their own. To help them decide on materials or fixtures, provide examples from other houses you’ve built.

You can also encourage customers to visit a design center and select from predetermined options to further expedite the process.

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