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Why Effective Communication Between Builders and Their Clients Is Key to a Successful Build

As a new home builder, you undoubtedly want to ensure your customer’s satisfaction with their purchase. After all, purchasing a home is a substantial investment. In fact, a home is the most expensive thing people will own in their entire lives.

While the quality of the home is a significant factor in a client’s happiness with their purchase, builders can’t afford to ignore the customer experience they provide.

Customers are bound to remember when a lack of communication popped up or instances where questions went unanswered, and they’ll often share their adverse experiences through company reviews or via word of mouth.

In today’s competitive homebuilding environment, builders must prioritize frequent and clear communication with their customers. Here are a few tips to ensure your new home sales team stays in close contact with your clients.

Communicate All Important Milestones with Customers

Builders often celebrate the different milestones of homebuilding, but they neglect to share their wins with the customer. Your client should be aware of anytime a new activity takes place that moves them one step closer to a finished home.

For example, if you have buyers on a priority list that are expecting your homes to be completed by a certain date, consider notifying them whenever they move one step up the waiting list or when certain milestones are completed. That way, your customer isn’t left in the dark, wondering how long it will be until they can have the opportunity to purchase. They’ll understand that you’re keeping them informed of the process.

The more your customer feels they’re in the loop, the better the outcome for both the homebuilding process itself and the customer’s experience.

Establish Communication Expectations with Your Client

One of the best ways to ensure you’re meeting your client’s communication needs is by setting clear expectations from the very beginning. Ask your customers how often they’d prefer to hear from you. Doing so makes up a method that benefits homebuilding companies that require lots of time to build their houses.

If you don’t plan on finishing a home for six months or longer, establish a timeline for clear and appropriate communication. Some customers prefer daily or weekly updates, while others are more comfortable with bi-weekly or monthly progress notifications. Once you find out what your clients expect from you, you can ensure that you meet those expectations.

Pick the Right Communication Channel

Another vital aspect to consider is the medium you’ll use to contact your client. Some builders prefer email since it’s quick and doesn’t require both parties to be available during updates. You simply convey your message in writing and send it, and your customers can respond or reach out to you if they have questions.

Still, other clients prefer traditional phone calls, given that they allow for brief conversations where the builder describes their progress, and the customer is then able to ask questions and receive immediate answers. However, you’ll need to find a time that works with your and your client’s schedules, or you may end up in a game of phone tag.

Communication Is Critical in Homebuilding

Good builders know how important it is to maintain close communication with their clients. In doing so, both parties are aware of the progress being made and are able to discuss any issues as/should they arise.

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