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How to Build a Positive Employee Experience: 5 Best Practices

As a homebuilding company, you want to ensure your employees are happy where they work. Satisfied employees are more likely to stay on for the long term, and they are usually highly productive and enthusiastic about their jobs.

Here are a few tips you can apply to create a positive employee experience for your workers:

1. Discover What Motivates Your Team

Employees are generally motivated by different things. Some may find that their motivations lie in solving challenges, while others might feel more satisfied when they receive feedback. Other times, your employees may simply feel motivated by a paycheck or a greater sense of responsibility.

Talk with your employees and find out what makes them tick, and don’t be afraid to ask what motivates them. Chances are that you’ll learn critical information you can leverage to push your workers on the job.

2. Keep an Open Door Policy

In any industry, let alone homebuilding, it’s not uncommon to get so caught up in your responsibilities that you forget about your employees. After all, as a homebuilder, you probably juggle numerous tasks, including multiple building projects and communication with your clients.

However, homebuilders can’t afford to ignore their workers. Make a point of spending a few minutes weekly with your employees. You’ll learn more about them and help develop a professional relationship in which they feel comfortable coming to you with their concerns.

3. Avoid Being a Micromanager

It can be hard to cultivate a hand-off mindset, especially when you see an employee making a mistake, but you need to give your workers a chance to discover their mistakes independently. Don’t jump in and take over unless it’s absolutely necessary, so they learn how to resolve issues independently and don’t immediately rely on you to handle their work.

Another thing to be careful of is scheduling conflicts. If your employee shows up a few minutes late, let it slide unless it becomes a recurring issue. You also shouldn’t assume your workers will be available for meetings at all times. Check their schedule before setting a time to meet.

4. Provide Opportunities for Cross-Training

Many times, employees grow tired of handling the same tasks week after week. They’d prefer to learn something new or take on a new, exciting project. You can support their needs by providing cross-training opportunities. For instance, you might offer a high-performing clerical assistant the chance to work with your new home sales team.

Cross-training is also beneficial to company owners. If an employee suddenly decides to leave, anyone with prior experience via cross-training can quickly step up to handle their essential tasks.

5. Value Your Employees

It’s no secret that workers want to feel needed and appreciated. They want to know that their work makes a difference and that you appreciate their place on your team. Show your employees how important they are through regular encouragement, and consider implementing an employee-of-the-month program, where the winner gets an award or gift. Another option is simple recognition for a job well done, said in front of the entire team.

Need Help with People Management?

Homebuilding companies often struggle to meet their human resources needs. They need qualified and experienced employees, but finding people with the requisite background can be challenging.

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