Trying to start a career in New Home sales is very difficult. It’s a small segment of the industry and they look for experienced individuals specifically. TempsPlus is a way to gain that experience and get paid while you do so. The pay isn’t much, but what you gain is insight into an industry and an opportunity to increase your network of contacts. As far as the company is concerned, Carol Shaw, the scheduling staff, and of course the Payroll dept. 🙂 are first rate!! They got me an assignment a few days after I signed up and do their best to get you consistent work. If you are lucky you can get an on-going assignment and if you make a great impression with the builder, it increases your chance of obtaining a permanent position. Basically, New Home sales has a very low turn rate but they do hire. If you show that you can be counted on, have the necessary experience and a great attitude, TempsPlus will be your best advocate.



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