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The Importance of a Strong Sales Team for New Home Builders

As a new home builder, it’s natural to want to share your craft with the world. You know you have the skills and team to build any client’s dream home from scratch, and you likely have all sorts of techniques that distinguish your home builds from other houses in the area.

While technical qualifications are critical to bringing a new home to life, you won’t get to share your capabilities if your new home sales team can’t articulate why prospective customers should purchase from you.

Like any staff member, your sales team is critical for conveying what’s possible to your clients. They’ll work hand in hand with your customers to ensure the building process is smooth and delivers results.

Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to have a strong sales team:

Your New Home Sales Team Represents You

An effective sales team will know your home builds inside and out. They’ll know all the amenities and unique features you offer and be able to explain each of them to your potential clients. Your sales team will seek to understand what it is your clients want in their new home and make the appropriate suggestions.

Ideally, your sales team will walk interested home shoppers through marketing collateral such as a brochure, describing the features of each home and answering any questions that clients may have. At the end of the conversation, your clients should clearly understand what’s possible when they partner with you to build their new homes.

Assist Clients During the Buying Process

Purchasing a new construction home involves an entirely different set of processes compared to buying a pre-existing property. There are multiple specific steps that go toward building a new home, and your sales team should know the ins and outs of each one. They will be able to explain the process to your clients and give them a timeframe for each step so that they can plan how long it will take between their initial purchase and their move-in date.

Without a knowledgeable sales team, your clients are bound to be at a loss. There won’t be anyone to guide them, and as a result, you may lose your customers to other builders in your area.

Help Clients After They Move-In

Usually, the sales process doesn’t stop after the move-in date. Other matters will come up, such as your clients asking to adjust certain home features or needing assistance clearing up other issues.

You’ll, of course, want to ensure your client is delighted with their home, as happy customers tend to tell others about their positive experiences. In a competitive market, you’ll want your clients to refer their friends when looking for a new construction home.

Connect with New Home Sales Professionals

If you need assistance with recruiting new home sales professionals, Smart Staffing Solutions can assist you in your efforts. We have highly trained sales agents who understand the homebuilding industry from end to end, so you won’t need to spend hours training, either.

Contact Smart Staffing Solutions today to learn how we can assist in your human resources and people management needs.



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