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Attracting Top Talent in the Home Building Industry

The home building industry is on the rise, with over 1.4 million housing completions in March 2023 alone. But with growth comes increased competition for home builders to find top talent. Implementing innovative strategies to attract employees can help your construction business thrive in the competitive market. Know Your Brand Having a strong brand for your business is essential for many reasons. It is especially important to attract and keep top talent. Your company’s reputation and image in your market can influence who applies for open positions, and who ultimately stays with your company for the long haul. To highlight your brand to potential candidates,

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How to Appeal to Luxury Home Buyers

Luxury home buyers expect the best when it comes to the quality and design of their new home. And, with another year where there are more luxury home buyers than there are sellers, many will turn to building a new home. As a homebuilder, understanding the demographics of luxury buyers and what they value in their new home can set you apart from your competition. Concentrating on who your high-end clients are, and what they appreciate when building a new home is essential to selling luxury homes. Understanding Luxury Homebuyers In the past, luxury homebuyers were thought to be older individuals, who had more time

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The Shift Towards Multigenerational Housing

More and more, we are seeing multiple generations of a family living together in one home. The changing dynamics of the American family structure and financial uncertainty increase the desire for aging parents to live with their adult children, or younger adult children to stay at home longer. Multigenerational households currently make up about 18% of households in the U.S., which is more than double than the 1970s when it was only 7% of homes. A multigenerational home is defined as having at least 2 adult generations living under one roof. Factors Driving the Shift There are several factors driving the shift towards multigenerational housing.

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5 Questions to Ask Online Sales Leads

You have a professional website and a sophisticated sales funnel, and the leads start to come in. What now? Understanding what to do with incoming online sales leads is just as, if not more, important than finding them. There are certain questions you can ask to convert these leads into customers. These questions can help you prioritize leads, spending more time on the potential clients that are most likely to become paying customers. 1. Basic qualifying questions Asking practical qualifying questions allows you to determine if your product or service is a good fit for the lead. This is basic information that they should be

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4 Ways Today’s Employees Work Smarter Not Harder

As the work landscape becomes increasingly competitive, working smarter, not harder, can keep you ahead of the game. Working smarter means being more efficient, productive, and strategic in how you approach your work. There are several qualities and priorities that employees that work smarter have. 1. All-in on technology Successful employees will rely on technology whenever they can. Employers are relying on this too, with 50% of employers in a recent survey saying they expect employees to have skills with technology. However, this number is expected to grow to 75% by 2030. What does embracing technology do? Helps you stay more connected. More efficient communication

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6 Things Buyers Expect When Communicating with Their New Home Builder

For most homebuyers, the most important aspect of building a new home is working with a reputable and reliable home builder. When communicating with you, as their home builder, buyers have certain expectations. By understanding these expectations, you can gain the confidence of buyers, and prove to them they are hiring a builder who can deliver the service and quality they expect when making such a large purchase. Be Transparent Building a house is complex and buyers don’t expect the process to be without some complications. While you don’t have to communicate every detail to the homeowner, being transparent if there is a complication that

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How to Keep Your Buyers Engaged Throughout the Home Building Process

Building a home is likely the largest investment a person will make. As the builder, keeping them engaged from their initial visit, and even after their home is complete, can ensure they stay satisfied. For you, happy homeowners mean a higher chance for earning their business with their next home, word-of-mouth referrals, and boosting your company’s image in the community. Communication is Key Clear communication should be a priority from start to finish (and beyond). This can mean several things, but some of the most important include: Making sure the homeowner has a point of contact they can be in contact with and knows they

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Why Effective Communication Between Builders and Their Clients Is Key to a Successful Build

As a new home builder, you undoubtedly want to ensure your customer’s satisfaction with their purchase. After all, purchasing a home is a substantial investment. In fact, a home is the most expensive thing people will own in their entire lives. While the quality of the home is a significant factor in a client’s happiness with their purchase, builders can’t afford to ignore the customer experience they provide. Customers are bound to remember when a lack of communication popped up or instances where questions went unanswered, and they’ll often share their adverse experiences through company reviews or via word of mouth. In today’s competitive homebuilding

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The Importance of a Strong Sales Team for New Home Builders

As a new home builder, it’s natural to want to share your craft with the world. You know you have the skills and team to build any client’s dream home from scratch, and you likely have all sorts of techniques that distinguish your home builds from other houses in the area. While technical qualifications are critical to bringing a new home to life, you won’t get to share your capabilities if your new home sales team can’t articulate why prospective customers should purchase from you. Like any staff member, your sales team is critical for conveying what’s possible to your clients. They’ll work hand in

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3 Ways Builders Can Leverage Human Connections to Close Deals

Closing deals with prospective home buyers requires finesse, business savvy, and a nuanced approach. However, far too many home builders get so fixated on making the sale and talking numbers that they completely overlook the importance of the human connection. This mistake can cause friction between homebuilders and prospective buyers. It may even cost a builder the deal altogether. Fortunately, home builders can tap into human connections to close more deals and provide a better experience for buyers. They can accomplish this by employing the following tips: 1. Focusing on Relationships, Not Deals Experienced home builders have spoken with hundreds, if not thousands, of buyers

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