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3 Tips for Managing Different Generations

Modern businesses face challenges that organizations of old couldn’t have fathomed. Companies of today must efficiently carry out core business operations, find a way to make themselves stand out in the crowded digital marketplace, and manage talent from several generations. The latter challenge can be particularly difficult, as each generation in the workforce has unique perspectives, concerns, and professional objectives. If your business has team members who span multiple generations (which it likely does), there’s good news. You can implement more effective people management techniques by leveraging these 3 proven tips: 1.  Do Your Homework If you hope to effectively manage various generations, step one

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5 Value Adds Every Home Builder Should Offer

Every new construction home sold matters now more than ever with new home sales at an all-time low in most of the country. New home sales in the U.S. dropped by 12.6% month over month in July 2022, with a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 511K, the lowest since 2016. And even though sales are down, consumers are still looking for value-adds in all of their purchases, especially large ones like a new home. At the same time, builders are facing rising costs of materials and labor. There was an 8% jump in costs of materials since the beginning of 2022 and the price index

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What Interest Rate Hikes Mean for Property Management Companies

Inflation usually causes mortgage interest rates to rise, which means fewer people are purchasing new homes. Instead, they are flocking to rental properties, keeping property management companies busy. So, while high mortgage interest rates can negatively affect real estate purchases, it typically means an increase in tenants and higher than average rental prices. Right now, mortgage interest rates are rising, although they aren’t at the all-time highs seen in the 1980s where rates were approaching 20%. Mortgage interest rates tend to follow the pattern of the Federal Reserve, who said it would likely raise rates for a second time this year in a continued effort

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How to Attract Millennials to the Home Building Industry

Millennials currently make up the largest percentage of the U.S. workforce.  With the building industry in need of 650,000 employees to meet demand in 2022, it is essential to attract this age group to the trade. The makeup of the current workforce in the industry is another reason it is important to appeal to workers between the ages of 25 and 40. The average age of building industry employees in 2022 is just over 42. But, millennials are expected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, and it will be integral to add them to building jobs. There are several things that Millennials

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How to Handle Tough Questions from An Interviewee

In an interview, you are the authority figure and representative of the company, so getting asked a question you don’t know how to answer can be frustrating. It can lead to embarrassment for you and decreased confidence in your company for the candidate. An interview is not only a time for you to evaluate candidates, but it is also an opportunity for them to form an opinion about the company. A negative interview experience could deter a strong candidate from moving forward with a job offer. In fact, 83% of subjects in a LinkedIn study said that a negative interview experience can change their opinion

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What Perks Employees Value in 2022

The workforce is seeing changes like never before. With the pandemic, many employees have had a long break from working in the office and are now facing a return. Some ‌perks that increase employee satisfaction have remained the same in 2022, while others have increased in importance. Employee perks differ from benefits, like health insurance. Some examples include paid time off (PTO), in-office amenities, discount programs, and employee recognition. Why Are Perks Important? Providing perks shows employees ‌you value their work. When employees feel appreciated, they work harder, are more focused, and provide more value for the company. In a study by Glassdoor, 81% of

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How Employee Satisfaction Impacts Closing the Sale

Happy employees equal happy customers, which results in higher rates of closing the sale. When customer-facing employees are struggling with being overworked or undervalued, this can translate to how they interact with customers. Dissatisfaction in the workplace can cause rudeness and impatience, even if the employee doesn’t realize it. Customers can pick up on these nuances, and it can deter them from wanting to work with your company. On the other hand, employees that are happy will go above and beyond to meet customer needs and exceed their sales goals. A Harvard Business Review study looked at a global customer-facing company and the impact of

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What Today’s Buyers Want in a New Home Builder

In a 2022 study, nearly 32% of people who purchased new construction homes would not recommend the builder that built their home. You don’t want to be a part of that statistic. The good news is, we know what buyers want when they are looking for a new home builder. And, with 60% of home buyers preferring a new construction home over a pre-owned property, according to a study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), paying attention to their wants can help you bring in new customers. What Buyers Want Buyers of new construction homes are pretty clear on what they value in

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What It Takes to Retain Employees in Today’s Workforce

If your business doesn’t have an employee retention plan, it should. Keeping employees around for the long-term means larger profits, increased productivity, and a more stable workplace. In most industries, the employee retention rate is about 90%; meaning 10% of employees are leaving. This is a good number to aim for. If you aren’t there yet, that’s okay. There are steps you can take to keep your employees around. Benefits of Employee Retention There are many benefits to working towards a high employee retention rate. It’s expensive to find new talent Not only is it a hassle to find new employees, it is also expensive.

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The Role Company Culture Plays in Employee Satisfaction

Satisfied employees are more engaged, productive, and motivated to drive success for your business. What many companies fail to realize is the impact that corporate culture has on overall employee satisfaction. A company culture can mean many things depending on the scope of your business. Ultimately, it is the work environment, attitudes, and behaviors you strive for in your company and among employees. It can also encompass leadership styles, goals, and the ethics your company values. Maintaining consistency in your core company values helps employees feel valued and stable in the workplace. According to a study looking at the relationship between an organization’s culture and

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