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3 Reasons Why Temporary Work in New Home Sales Can Benefit Your Real Estate Career

If you are a licensed resale real estate agent at the end of peak season, without a house to sell….Listen Up!  Rather than letting that gap between finances and job experiences on your resume increase, finding a temporary position in New Home Sales may be the right thing for you. Here are 3 hidden benefits of having temporary work through a New Home Sales Staffing Agency: Temporary Work with a New Home Builder Can Become Long Term – If you show up to an assignment with a positive personality and outstanding work ethic, you may catch the attention of a New Home Builder.  Treating every day

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3 Ways to Alienate Your Customer without Saying a Word

Have you ever been discussing a property and begin to notice a change in your customers demeanor? You thought everything was going well; they seemed to be interested but then suddenly, they become distant and you know you won’t see them again. What happened? Maybe you’re not aware of one of these three common ways you can alienate customers: You Didn’t Listen Active listening is one of the most important nonverbal sources of communication in sales. It means listening to what clients are saying and not just hearing their words. When you understand the hidden meaning of your conversation, you can determine the real objectives,

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